How does it all work?

Welcome to the two decades of professionalism at Angela Scott’s Studio.

We are passionate family photographers, dedicated to delivering you absolutely beautiful art-pieces that your family will cherish forever.

To create a bespoke experience for each of our families, we meet with just a select number of clients each week. This means we can put our time into discussing your ideas and expectations before your session, so we can make sure we’re the best family photographers for you.

Book your photography session

Having a look at our website and our social pages of Facebook and Instagram, awesome inspiration on our blogs too, can excite you on styling something that is all about you… Consider locations that represent your special connections, your local area, beach, park, forest, cafes etc, and consider our delightful warm studio in the heart of the city, located with easy parking in Grey Lynn, we are just up the road from Motat. What backdrop styling is right for you? Studio is gorgeous glamorous overall lighting, and on location of your choice creates artistic settings that make for a key larger art-piece or a connection series…

We offer pre-styling sessions without cost, we would love to meet with you to discuss styling a session that is all about what you are thinking, and come up with additional ideas that are creative. Alternatively we can chat over the phone if you prefer.

Our Session Fees are below

  • $100 Studio
  • $250 On-Location Session
  • $100 Viewing Session
  • $495 Bundle Session (Newborn)

This covers our photographer’s time and skill use of equipment, studio props and backdrops, assistants skill and time, editing images to key pictures. The Viewing Session is then designed for you to carefully select the best that you need and desire for your wall.. Digital Files in packs, 5, 10, 15, 20, are a great way to buy, however they are not always the best in the long run, as often customers do not get around to printing them and never get them up on their walls.

Before booking with us, please make sure to speak to your partner, and people involved about a suitable time and date that works, keep in mind when your small children are at their best, eg. choose a time of day that fits within sleeps etc.. generally mornings.

Booking with a gift voucher

If you have a gift card, been given one from a family member, or won one from our marketing, then well done..!.

Please note that these are discounts on purchases generally, unless paid for, they are a good way of “getting around” to doing what we offer, and a good discount to get your foot in the door.. The Studio operates on customers appreciating their craft and buying additionally at their desired budget, presently we have no minimum spend unless it’s stated on the giftcard..

Please make sure you have read the terms so you understand how your voucher works.


A successful portrait session comes down to preparation. Make some time to research the type of shots you love – send us some inspiration of photos you like from our website, or elsewhere! If you can’t make it to our Grey Lynn Studio for a pre-session design consultation, then sending us a photograph of yourselves/ family, assists us in styling and planning what would be the finished piece you need.

Another handy tip is to take a photo of the wall space where you think your portrait might hang. This can help us with the layout of your photos, which we discuss further at your design consultation. Take a look at the stunning finishing of our work in customers homes and in our studio 

Please make sure you’ve read the booking email of confirmation, as our Look Book, with styling ideas and all pricing is always attached.

Shoot itself

On the day… this is the exciting part. Sessions vary in length, and at our studio we try to allow time to fit a viewing session in, this can assist you with your week while you are here to then view and decide on what you are after..

  • Most Sessions are up an hour..where you are fresh enough to enjoy the time and kids can manage this time.. we keep things ever changing so that no one gets bored, and it’s also interesting engaging in watching how we operate, that can be very good for your own photographing of your families and also learn some assisting or lighting tricks..
  • Newborn sessions vary on the package purchased, however allow an hour to to 2 hours, larger creation of images can be 3-4 hours depending on settling time

At the end of the shoot itself, if we have time, we will then view the results of the session, and you can make your decision.. If you prefer to arrange a separate time, please do so within two weeks of the shoot itself.

Viewing and Purchasing Session

This is the most enjoyable part… and also you can visualise the coming together of all that you had in mind. This enjoyable session is a time to edit what you love and then decide on what images work together..with those who are the decision makers.. so do invite grandparents or other family members to this session.

It is important that both parents are present at this session so that budgets are kept in mind and everyone is happy with the images chosen.

You are welcome to photograph key areas of your home that you were thinking of hanging our art, and we can add these to the viewing program so that we can show you the art on the wall you have chosen.

  • Desk Images retouched and printed start at $195
  • Wall Images retouched and printed start at 8 x 12 inches $395
  • Frames are priced depending on moulding and style.. our floated artpaper is our studio style..
  • Framed wall collections range between $1000-$3000
  • Digital file packages start at 5 images un-retouched and printable to 5 x 7 inches, $495
  • Albums are a great option for older family members, want additional images presented beautifully for longevity, or if you’re not a person who hangs photographs on your walls.. These start at $1495 and come with the matching digital files, we use the quality of Queensberry to finish our art.

We also offer paying via creditcard, or GemVisa. However we prefer full payment at the viewing session. You can obtain a GemVisa card before your session, allow 10 working days for approval and a card to be sent to you, please apply online here.

Delivery of your order.

If your order is Digital Files Unretouched, then allow 1 week

If you have ordered printed images, these are retouched, so allow 2-3 weeks

If you have ordered framed images, these are retouched and printed and then beautifully and skilfully custom finished by our talented framers, please allow 5 weeks.

If you have ordered albums, these images are retouched, and the album is individually crafted specifically for your order, so allow 6 weeks.

For over 20 years our products have always exceeded our clients’ expectations, and we touch base via email/phone/text for pick up, however most of our orders are couriered at the Studio cost.

To make the most out of your experience, please read our TERMS page.

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