Where will our family session be held? Choose our Studio for glamorous lighting.

Our studio is based inner city, in Grey Lynn, just up the road from Motat, we have customer carparking up our driveway and right beside our studio entrance so feel free to bring your car up.. alternatively on the roadside after 10am weekdays or anytime weekends, and you can walk up a short drive. Our studio is home based, and glamorous, with an array of framed images to view many combinations of sizing and framing and finishing or our fabulous, art-paper (which is a heavy grade of water-colour paper) with ripped edges, or textured and washable also canvas and many series combinations.. our viewing room is extra stylist recently painted in dark green.

What is On-Location?

We know Auckland well so do lets have a chat about the right backdrop outdoor setting that will make your images super delightful.. consider beach setting, this is great in the morning for little children, or later in the evening or setting sun for older ones… pregnancy is also gorgeous in the later sunlight… for beach imagery, consider lighter pastels, and ladies in skirts or dresses are better than trousers only because men mostly wear these, they are more full length images so body shapes are more apparent.. Local Parks, your favourite? We can come to you, or you can come to ours, we are 1 minute walk from Western Springs, consider darker shades, like black, navy, greens etc.. as the background is mostly darker… same as a forest style also, black and white images are incredible too even though colour looks vivid, also brighter colours, like reds and pinks are fun with the green contrast, consider the season with seasonal flowers and bushes in colour tones and match your clothing colours to what is out, like pinks and whites for blossoms, autumn and spring is often pretty at parks. What about your local cafe, if your a local and it’s your thing and the place you connect at? Also your home environment, your driveway, or garden, your swimming pool or superior view or place you’ve recently renovated makes for delightful areas.

What to wear

Simple, casual clothes are what most wear, the plainer the better. Jeans causal attire have a cool family feel, and are comfortable.. consider layers too, can be great for a winter rugged up look, light scarves, jackets, hats etc…

Darker shades like black, navy, brown, purple etc, match well with our darker backgrounds, creates a striking piece.. Lighter shades are whites, creams, pastels, etc, these go well at the beach, or in our studio with our lighter brighter backgrounds.

Please try to avoid clothing featuring words, logos, and pictures as it can be very distracting

Your welcome to bring along a few outfits that make you feel good and any personal items that have sentimental value, especially things handcrafted by family for small ones.

We have a range of clothing for Toddlers, girls and boys, and we have all newborn clothing and accessories, so you definitely do not need to bring outfits for new babies as we have a huge range in every colour-way.

If you’re booked for a newborn session, please consider bringing a change of clothing for yourself however we do have towels at the studio.

For newborn and pregnancy sessions, consider wearing t-shirt fabric, shirts have a more formal look and fabric can pull/crease.

We want you to wear what you love, and feel comfortable in, no matter what our core principals above are, so do come dressed as you desire or love.


Capturing your pregnancy is best after 28 weeks when your shape is visible. Bring your children and your partner if you can, as this will make for extra-connected images. Please come prepared with a selection of nude-coloured underwear, we have a range of outfits/dresses and accessories like fabrics you can wear if you prefer. You could also consider booking our stylist for makeup and hair.. or alternatively contract your own. Below is all our studio clothing and we are always sourcing more each year.


Newborns are best photographed under two weeks old or when they are 5-10 days old. Therefore, the best time to book your newborn session is while you are still expecting, you can pencil in a time and then touch base with the studio after baby has come to confirm you are all okay, that way we can be certain to photograph your bub at the best possible time. Older babies are generally less sleepy and harder to pose however we are able to take babies at any stage as we can offer perfect images of babies on their own or family imagery, so yes, you can book an older baby of over a month, we have even had some at 6 weeks and 3 months and we can still obtain something gorgeous.

We do newborn sessions generally Wed – Fri at our Grey Lynn studio where we have an extensive prop collection for you and controlled lighting and temperature. You are not required to bring any outfits however if you have sentimental items please bring them along and we will make every effort to incorporate them into your session, we have all outfits, wraps, blankets, accessories, headbands etc at the studio, so you don’t have to bring anything at all. We have lots of gorgeous colourways of background blankets and flowered wreaths, and beds, so discuss what colours you like and what you think might suit your baby and decor.

Sessions last varying length of time depending on the package selected/paid for, but are generally of 2 hours, sometimes 4.5 hours! Allowing ample time for a variety of studio set-ups, as well as the important things like feeding, settling and cuddling. Sometimes we will have time to fit in a viewing and purchasing session, but otherwise you can come back another time within two weeks to make your decisions.

If you are bringing siblings for photographs with your newborn baby, we accommodate one pose into the session, but please ensure they are well supervised, and perhaps have a second person come to pick them up afterwards to avoid them becoming bored as that could disrupt the flow of the session. We also love to do parent shots with the baby, and like to get these done at the beginning of the session, so please let me know if you plan to have these done, as we will set up the studio accordingly.

Also makeup and hair should be applied a lot heavier for images, or you can book our stylist to come to your home prior to your session or to our studio, this can take 45- 60 minutes and can be done while we are doing your newborn baby poses at our studio.

The best time to capture newborns is within their first two weeks, ideally when they’re five to 10 days old – book a pencilled appointment well in advance so we can secure a place for you. The younger a baby is, the more relaxed and sleepy they’ll be, which allows greater scope for artistic poses. We only pencil our diary and you need to touch base with us after baby has arrived to see how you all are, and to confirm if this time and day will still suit you all. View our gallery Newborn sessions 

Older Babies Sitting Up

Older babies are best photographed between 6-8 months, when they are just sitting stage.. Therefore, the best time to book your older baby session is while your baby is just starting to sit but a little wobbly, that way we can be certain to photograph your bub at the sitting stage before they take off crawling, which can be a couple of weeks window, sometimes a few months but not usually. Older babies are the key stage of baby photography as they are super cute, into their own person-hood and generally huge smiles and giggly, view our variety of imagery HERE

We have an extensive prop collection for you and controlled lighting and temperature. You are not required to bring any outfits however if you have sentimental items such as knitted blankets, special clothing items or hats you would like included in your images, please bring them along and we will make every effort to incorporate them into your session.

Sessions last for varied times, sometimes your baby can only take 20 minutes, sometimes longer even 30- 40- or 60 minutes, depending. Sometimes we will have time to fit in a viewing and purchasing session, but otherwise you can come back another time within two weeks to make your decisions.

Also makeup and hair should be applied a lot heavier for images, or you can book our stylist to come to your home prior to your session or to our studio, this can take 35-45 minutes and can be done while we are doing your older baby.

Busy Toddlers

These aren’t posed so much, but are fast running around, jumping up, and playing types of images. Consider your toddlers energy when they are at their best and definitely in between their sleep times… also travel time to our studio. Forward planning and being well-organised will enable us to get the desired images we need in around 20 minutes. Just bring some snacks and a drink to keep your toddler happy, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Pets are part of the family, so it’s important that you include them. We use an assistant to help entertain them, some treats and have lots of squeakers/toys/balls, things to get their ears pricked.

Dogs: We are unable to photograph a newborn with a dog on their own, but happy to include adults holding the new baby. Our environment has an outdoor studio space where dogs are fully fenced, can roam and go to the toilet, also a drink of water will be supplied to your dog on arrival..also we have a local park that you can take your dog down to, it’s just 1 minute walk from the studio, called Western Springs Park, view our dog imagery HERE and our people with dogs imagery HERE

Cats: Typically you will bring them in a cage, we try to sit them up high on stools on our backgrounds so they have difficulty moving off, and use entertaining tricks to get their attention, this includes some food.. if you are bringing more than one cat, we may photograph them individually and artwork them together, this will have a $200 body swap fee added.

Horses and Farm Animals: are part of your family, so do consider prioritising the investment of what we offer, including them in a session or a piece of art on their own view our horse imagery HERE

Our Parents

We come from the love and connection of our parents and our greater and older ones, so valuing them and capturing them in professional image making is important at the right time, and I can assure you they will feel so honoured to be invited into your family session or to be individually captured. They can enjoy dressing up, and even consider a gorgeous makeup and hair session as appreciation of all they have done. We do more extensive retouching work on our images however we make sure everything is natural..

Viewing & Purchasing Session.

After your session at our studio, we often have time for the selection process, and this is done on our TV screen. If you prefer to come back on another occasion, or if the studio doesn’t have time to do this session due to a busy weekend or another customer arrival, then you are welcome to book another appt time within two weeks of the shoot itself.

Your order must be placed at this time, so please invite any family members who may like to see the images before you make your selection (so we have your full attention, we recommend leaving your little ones with family or a babysitter, or our assistant will happily entertain them so you can concentrate- please let us know if you are requiring child/baby minding if you are booking outside of normal studio hours, or an after hour appt time.). It’s imperative that anyone involved in the decision-making attends this appointment; if for any reason someone can’t attend, we ask that you kindly reschedule. Please note that all our appointments require 48 hours’ notice to reschedule. If you require a second design consultation to complete your order, a fee of $100 applies.

We offer eftpos, and all credit card facilities including Amex, and accept online banking, cheque or cash. GemVisa is interest free up to 6 months, with a minimum spend of $250. Please let us know prior to your session if you can’t make one of these payment options.

Session fees and payments

Your session fee of Studio or Location Session and Viewing must be paid at the time of your booking. This secures your appointment with us and prevents us from making any other bookings for this time. For this reason, in the event that the client cancels their appointment for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by the photographer in order to offset the loss of business, however we will shift the booking at no charge to another time if there are issues of sickness, or travel, or genuine reasons everyone can’t attend.

If you would like us to book our stylist, who is a skilled makeup and hair artist and who comes to the studio specially for you, this must be paid at the time of phone/email booking and is generally non-refundable, if session is cancelled as we need to pay the stylist.

No person under the age of 18 years may purchase goods. We’ll look forward to seeing you again when you’re over 18.

These terms and conditions regulate the business relationship between you and us. By using our services in any way, or by buying from us, you agree to be bound by them.


When you book and confirm an appointment, we set aside precious studio time and staff resources for your photography session and design consultation. We ask that you therefore do us the courtesy of providing at least 48 hours’ notice of any cancellation or postponement, not only for our benefit but also so other clients’ appointments don’t get disrupted. We understand that rescheduling can be required due to illness or unexpected events, but we do ask for your cooperation and understanding in upholding this policy so all our clients can benefit from the same level of service and customer focused attention we pride ourselves on providing.

Please be advised that failure to provide adequate notice of a cancellation or multiple rescheduling will result in the forfeiture of your session fees, and another session fee payment will be required to hold your new date. If you hold a gift card and fail to provide 48 hours’ notice of cancellation or postponement, we will deduct our standard studio session and/or design consultation fee from the value of the gift card.

How will I feel being Photographed?

It’s quite normal to feel nervous at the start of a session, and a bit self conscious too, so we try to be chatty and casual and assist you by telling you what poses to do and praise is always forthcoming… our images are more about connection and more about celebrating who you have made yourself to be… and also creating a bit of fun to relax you too.. what we do is more one off now a days so very special when everyone makes the effort. We also appreciate your time in clothing selection, doing your hair and makeup and getting the family ready and at the studio, it sure is a lot of work and so we do appreciate you all.

What if my children/ New Baby doesn’t co-operate?

Please don’t be concerned if your new baby doesn’t sleep or if they do a wee or a poo, we are used to many situations and it’s all part of the experience.. we handle everything so do not be embarrassed. Toddlers are busy so we don’t really pose every shot, they can run around and we just get what we can, we are 2 decades of experience so just leave it to us, we have a variety of tricks up our sleeve. Angela has had her own child, now 20 years so she knows all the stages..

Makeup & Hair Session

If you would like us to schedule a makeup and hair stylist this must be paid at the time of booking and is also non-refundable as all our makeup artists reserve this time for you. You are welcome to select from our team of stylists if you prefer

Bianca Fallon https://mediamakeup1.com/

Bianca Fallon Beauty, Hair, Makeup has 29 years of international & national experience. Bianca listens to implement your requests towards personal style and natural beauty image development for real women. Delivering photographic standards in a timely manner that assists you to shine in every picture. As an indigenous practitioner, Bianca acknowledges client priorities for cultural, religious and spiritual tikanga activation.  

Beauty Hub https://thebeautyhub.co.nz/

We love the stylists at the Beauty Hub, the team are all experienced, highly qualified professionals, makeup artists, hair stylists and clothing stylists, with over 15 years of experience.

Please check your makeup and hair after a session and ask the stylist to change it while they are there if you are in any way not happy with it.. the stylist must do what you have asked, if you prefer natural then that is what you will have, however most stylists do a heavier look as this is often what is required for photographs, it gives a deeper outline of features from a distance, that is why a professional will always apply heavier makeup. With your hair, please make sure it is how you normally wear it, put your hands through it and sort it to your liking whilst the stylist is there and ask them to fix any areas you think aren’t the way you normally have it.. appreciating that the stylist doesn’t know you personally, so you need to speak up, and make sure you get the look, you after after.

Professional Styling

We style our sessions beautifully so it’s very helpful to meet you first prior to a session, this way we can chat at the studio and you can view all our art-pieces, framing and we can chat about what you like and style something that will suit you. So just email us to book a pre-shoot styling session and presently there is no charge for this. Email hello@angelascott.co.nz, If you are interested in using our preferred stylist, we have been working with Lulu Wilcox, she lives close to the studio.. she can view your wardrobe, do a cull and sort and also take you shopping.. speak to Lulu direct re pricing for this service, available on 021336983, or lulu@luluwilcox.com, instagram or website

LuLu Wilcox


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