Find a style you love: Explore the range of images on our website and choose a photography style that best suits your personality and your decor.

Choose a location: The photo shoot can take place in your home, our studio or on location – for instance, a favourite beach, forest, park, cafe, or perhaps a street scene. If you prefer, we can suggest a stunning location so you have one less thing to think about!

Book your photoshoot with us: Our team is often booked months in advance particularly in the weekends, so book in early to secure your special day. Also consider a cool evening session.Select your clothing: You are welcome to bring a range of clothing options with you, but usually one set of clothes will suffice. View our website for clothing inspiration and chat to us about your ideas – we want you to feel completely relaxed and proud of your look! Here are a few tips to help:

Generally casual clothing looks most effective
If you have light coloured hair we suggest wearing light coloured clothing (white, creme, pink, pastels), and if you have dark hair wear darker colours (black, green, navy, purple, brown).
Bright colours look great on green park backgrounds… Blues and Pastels on Sea backgrounds… Groovy Black or cool urban suits on Concrete Urban Walls
Fabric and clothing with logos or bold prints, also stripes bold across can be distracting in photographs and should be avoided