October 13, 2016
We love working with Angela and this was our third shoot with her. Our first was when our son was at that delightful stage of sitting up, but not crawling. Angela captured some stunning photos of him, really focussing on all his gorgeous wee quirks and looks. So when our daughter was born we knew we had to have the same style of photos when she got to that right age and stage. For our  second shoot with Angela it was very ‘baby’ straight to camera with no props, again capturing our little girl in the moment. For our third shoot a few weeks later it was so wonderful to go back and get these ‘sparkly’ photos of our little girl. We just love them. All three shoots have captured our two little ones at such a beautiful stage. Angela really knows how to achieve what parents want, while keeping true to her unique style and most importantly keeping the baby entertained and happy. All three sets have pride of place in our home and get talked about a lot by our friends and family. Thank you Angela for adding such warmth and wonderful memories to our home. 

 We adored baby Harper in today, and just look at this styling, outfit, rabbit and star in hand, you can’t get better!

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