Framing is a vital part of the finishing of our artpieces.

Do prioritise getting it done with us as part of the investment in this product and service.
We know what is right for the image or series, and with a consultation with what your home style is like, we can ensure we get the finished product looking right.

Our options for print finishes are:

Photographic paper
Art Paper – a heavy grade of watercolour paper
Texturised – we frame this without glass
Gloss or Matt Laminate – also framed without glass
Board mount, with black or white edge and Canvas with a laminate , completely washable – no moulding and no glass. The straight edged look.

Our options for framing with glass are:

Silver, Gold, Black and White, Wooden mouldings.
Filigree or plain
Floated or matt board over the image.
We have our preferred mouldings at the studio.