September 1, 2017

This stunning mum Adrienne loves her wee man, Theodore!  A super shoot with great styling assisted by mum Adrienne.  Adrienne, put a lot of time into viewing lots of baby photography, and bringing in her liked ideas.

A beautiful baby boy, sure you would all agree, and a nice stage to do photography, when he is super cuddly, as the images show.

Dan and I met later in life and clicked straight away. Only a few months later we were surprised and blessed further with the pregnancy of our son Theo. Having both not had children before, it was a surprisingly natural, easy progression. Theo is the light of our lives and his own character! Loving, cuddly but independent, serious but quick to see humour in things.  I adore motherhood and my bond with my son. Time passes so fast, I wanted to forever have a visual reminder of this and that’s what Angela achieved for me. It is invaluable.