We love the whole process of creating a piece of photographic work; from the experience of the shoot, to the anticipation of showcasing the images at the viewing session, to presenting the final result. We absolutely love seeing our framed work lovingly hung in homes or in a beautifully finished album.

The experience of being photographed by us is always entertaining and colourful. We really love to see people enjoying our process and foster an environment where people are comfortable to be themselves. We inject enthusiasm and energy to capture moments of laughter, tenderness and love. It can feel vulnerable to be in front of the camera and we understand this.

It’s a privilege to follow clients through the special stages of life – from celebrating their engagement, through to their wedding day, to their pregnancy and new born, and to see them at each stage of their growing family. It makes us notice how fast time passes; and realise how fleeting all these moments we capture really are.

We’ve been happily doing this for fifteen years now, and our work is better than ever. Our evolving, natural and beautiful style remains contemporary and classic over the ages.  Our clients repeatedly book us- and that’s the proof we’ve got it right! Courtney is Angela’s co-photographer and graphic designer, we work harmoniously together.



I excelled at art and economics in school so it is no wonder I am now outworking my ability in an art related business.

I have always been a watcher of people, fascinated by our uniqueness and differences, and in love with every nationality.  What I love most about photography is the ability to see inside someone and develop an image that incorporates who people really are and not just how we see ourselves on the outside.

My background is a photographic family, my father produced calendars and postcards of New Zealand and my sister ran a similar business to myself for 20  years.

As a single working parent, I have worked the long hours to build up a small business, which we operate from our home studio, and I appreciate the support from all my clients around New Zealand.

A visit to my studio and home reveals the wonder of our  art pieces. Families, babies, children, couples, weddings, extended families; all have been captured exquisitely and expressively.

“I always feel incredibly humbled to see my photographs taking pride of place in my clients’ homes. You put the things on your walls that you love and cherish. And nothing is more loved and cherished than your family.” Angela Scott