Motherly Love

May 11, 2014

I am viewing all my past work over the 14 year of photographing Aucklanders and am loving finding gems of sweetness, and tender love!  This is a lovely series of images, the closeness and bond of a mother is key to her children’s security and futures.  We know in the Auckland lifestyle that there are many pressures on us and our dearest are often those left out.  Spend time today with your mother- treasure her and tell her how much she means to you.  She will blossom and you will inspire her to keep her smile and her chin high.


Country Family Fun

April 25, 2014

Angela Scott’s friends, Karen and Oliver Scott at their old Waimauku Farm, I’ve been friends with this family for over 10 years, I first met Karen at Bayfield School where our children were starting year 1. Karen kindly looked after my son Marco while I was working weekends, shooting weddings and portraits, Thank you so much guys, you rock!