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Momentoes Photo to go in Casting Frame

$200.00 +GST

Angela Scott provide the photo image for this stunning keepsake,

Please contact Ze direct for your casting and frame,

“Hi my name is Ze and I run Momentoes Central, East, West and North Shore franchisees.

I officially opened my first studio in Auckland in Feb 2015 and have not looked back since then. I specialise in castings infants and babies and can cast children and adults of any age. I love sibling and family castings, they are extra special.

My mission is to capture your babies hands and feet and convert it into timeless memories. And I have been very successful ever since in our work and have many happy customers in Auckland. I thrive in producing something different, precious and new ideas all the time. I tailor my products to each individual’s requirements and take huge pride in making sure each cast is perfect in every way. A Momentoes casting is something you can look back on even once your children have grown.

I cast from my home studio in Remuera but can travel to specific areas, if you wish to inquire about a casting party!

Make sure you check out our Facebook page for specials and inspiration. We also do gift vouchers – perfect for new mums and grandparents.

Contact me any time to discuss any ideas you have or for a quote”

Ze Shah

celphone 027 267 6288, or