One Happy Couple

March 2, 2015

When you see true love it is ever so touching, this delightful couple Bhavik and Neha booked me recently after their friends booked their wedding with our wedding brand,

We met briefly prior to discuss clothing and what style of locations they preferred, and what lovely results, colourful, warm, in the setting sunlight, the best time to shoot out west… guys you were delightful, well done on your new life together…

WeddinginVogue Colour-29
WeddinginVogue Colour-30
WeddinginVogue Colour-31
WeddinginVogue Colour-32
WeddinginVogue Colour-33
WeddinginVogue Colour-34
WeddinginVogue Colour-35
WeddinginVogue Colour-36
WeddinginVogue Colour-37
WeddinginVogue Colour-38
WeddinginVogue Colour-39
WeddinginVogue Colour-40
WeddinginVogue Colour-41
WeddinginVogue Colour-43
WeddinginVogue Colour-45
WeddinginVogue Colour-46
WeddinginVogue Colour-47
WeddinginVogue Colour-49
WeddinginVogue Colour-50
WeddinginVogue Colour-51
WeddinginVogue Colour-52
WeddinginVogue Colour-53
WeddinginVogue Colour-55
WeddinginVogue Colour-56
WeddinginVogue Colour-57
WeddinginVogue Colour-58
WeddinginVogue Colour-60
WeddinginVogue Colour-62
WeddinginVogue Colour-64
WeddinginVogue Colour-65
WeddinginVogue Colour-66
WeddinginVogue Colour-67
WeddinginVogue Colour-69
WeddinginVogue Colour-71
WeddinginVogue Colour-72
WeddinginVogue Colour-73
WeddinginVogue Colour-74
WeddinginVogue Colour-75
WeddinginVogue Colour-76
WeddinginVogue Colour-77
WeddinginVogue Colour-78
WeddinginVogue Colour-79
WeddinginVogue Colour-80
WeddinginVogue Colour-83
WeddinginVogue Colour-87
WeddinginVogue Colour-91
WeddinginVogue Colour-92
WeddinginVogue Colour-93
WeddinginVogue Colour-94
WeddinginVogue Colour-99
WeddinginVogue Colour-100
WeddinginVogue Colour-101
WeddinginVogue Colour-102
WeddinginVogue Colour-103
WeddinginVogue Colour-104
WeddinginVogue Colour-105
WeddinginVogue Colour-106
WeddinginVogue Colour-107
WeddinginVogue Colour-108