Young families in studio

November 16, 2017

Lovely Sarah and Hayden came in with Aila recently, they are a stylish hip family who were overwhelmed with joy when they picked up their series. Angela did a package price which included prints and files, working within budgets where everyone was happy. So you can feel confident that you can book and enjoy the service of professional photography.


Baby Boy Studio Shoot

September 1, 2017

This stunning mum Adrienne loves her wee man, Theodore!  A super shoot with great styling assisted by mum Adrienne.  Adrienne, put a lot of time into viewing lots of baby photography, and bringing in her liked ideas.

A beautiful baby boy, sure you would all agree, and a nice stage to do photography, when he is super cuddly, as the images show.

Dan and I met later in life and clicked straight away. Only a few months later we were surprised and blessed further with the pregnancy of our son Theo. Having both not had children before, it was a surprisingly natural, easy progression. Theo is the light of our lives and his own character! Loving, cuddly but independent, serious but quick to see humour in things.  I adore motherhood and my bond with my son. Time passes so fast, I wanted to forever have a visual reminder of this and that’s what Angela achieved for me. It is invaluable.

Such a lovely family, and Sonia was so stunning in her full term pregnancy, I also photographed Mr newborn, a treat. Sonia and Richard really value professional photography, I am sure Sonia would make a great photographer herself one day soon, so well done guys, a nice family and images to treasure. This client purchased a three series framed for their wall and a beautiful Queensberry album of all other images they loved.

Tiffany & Kenny & Children

February 25, 2017

One amazing customer, Tiffany adores us and great photographs, I photographed her wedding many years ago, 15 years ago, and since then she has been back for other family sessions.  The children have our Milestone Album product, and many of their friends do too.


We adore our delightful client Lisa, and her gorgeous family! Over the years we have done many family sessions, and this time, some commercial imagery for her Interior Design business, Well done Lisa, we commend your success!  Lisa can be contacted at 0212876009, if you require some design and interiors advice and a plan!


Little Baby Harper

October 13, 2016
We love working with Angela and this was our third shoot with her. Our first was when our son was at that delightful stage of sitting up, but not crawling. Angela captured some stunning photos of him, really focussing on all his gorgeous wee quirks and looks. So when our daughter was born we knew we had to have the same style of photos when she got to that right age and stage. For our  second shoot with Angela it was very ‘baby’ straight to camera with no props, again capturing our little girl in the moment. For our third shoot a few weeks later it was so wonderful to go back and get these ‘sparkly’ photos of our little girl. We just love them. All three shoots have captured our two little ones at such a beautiful stage. Angela really knows how to achieve what parents want, while keeping true to her unique style and most importantly keeping the baby entertained and happy. All three sets have pride of place in our home and get talked about a lot by our friends and family. Thank you Angela for adding such warmth and wonderful memories to our home. 

 We adored baby Harper in today, and just look at this styling, outfit, rabbit and star in hand, you can’t get better!

Model Portfolio

July 14, 2016

Stylish, and variant model portfolios in the Angela Scott studio in Grey Lynn or out on location, delightful Jess performs beautifully for the camera for her model portfolio

Adorable Theo

May 24, 2016

It was a pleasure to photograph little Theo again recently.  He has recently entered our Baby and Toddler of the Year competition, well done Adrienne and Daniel, not only is he a super cute wee man now, after the baby shoot we did late last year, but he so enjoys being in front of the camera, a real showman!


Baby Girls

May 13, 2016

We adored little girl, Samaria Prachin

Mum Sonal, and Dad Prachin, is so in love with her, and so appreciated the work by the studio.

Baby Girls, beautifully styled and captured by the team at Angela Scott Photographers, creating treasured artpieces for generations to enjoy.

Baby Boy

December 14, 2015

When the beautiful Natalia booked us to photograph little Charlie, we were so thrilled, just look at him, smiley, happy, perfect, and lovely with this sitting stage too, we can’t wait to see Natalia again for a business shoot for her individual purposes, and also their BoraBora Wedding with our gorgeous wedding work under our brand.

Jayawickrama Family

November 16, 2015

We so love the stunning Anushka, and Ras, and Sahaani 2 years, and Ashwini 5 year olds, they both have Milestone Albums, and are such great clients of the Angela Scott studio, a treat each time they come in, it’s always a pleasure guys to have you here! Angela

It was so awesome when Home and Garden Stylist Lee Ann Yare and architectural photographer Larnie Nicholson covered the Angela Scott studio a few years ago, we were delighted with the story and it was fabulous marketing for us, we really appreciated the exposure! Just check out the shots and the studio, do book in soon, Christmas is around the corner!

Ray White

May 22, 2015

We recently did this commercial shoot for Ray White for their advertorial purposes

Hi Angela,

We had a good laugh this morning scrolling through all the images, but there are definitely plenty of great shots that are going to work perfectly!

We’re really really happy with them.

So glad we found you 🙂

Amanda Fonoti
Personal Assistant to Damian Piggin and Daniel Horrobin   |   City Apartments (NZ)

M 021 973 928   T (09) 308 5570   F (09) 308 5559


A 2 Lorne Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010

Frank Bischoff

May 22, 2015

This was the second time I have photographed Frank, he is such a wonderfully talented individual, recently employed by Melbournes Art & Events

Hi Angela, You might remember me, you once took some photos of me  a few years back.

I am on the move to a different organisation and would like once again to have some updated photos to go into press releases, in-house publications, LinkedIn……etc.

This time I’d like to be just a touch less traditional and emphasise more the fact that I work in a Performing Arts (classical, Rock&Roll….. etc), Hospitality, Food & Beverage environment. I’ve attached some examples, that head in the right direction, together with my favourite photo  that you took last time.

  • So, could you help me with that?
  • If so, when could you?
  • How much would it be?

Looking forward hearing from you.

Cheers, Frank

One Happy Couple

March 2, 2015

When you see true love it is ever so touching, this delightful couple Bhavik and Neha booked me recently after their friends booked their wedding with our wedding brand,

We met briefly prior to discuss clothing and what style of locations they preferred, and what lovely results, colourful, warm, in the setting sunlight, the best time to shoot out west… guys you were delightful, well done on your new life together…

THE WINNER!!, what a beautiful woman!

The stunning Cody, just look at her, all the way from Kakahi, Northland, she easily won the competition… and look at these new pregnancy outfits, visit for their latest range TODAY.

Incredible flowers by Anna at, we adore Anna, the style she comes up with, exceptionally original, we think Anna is the best florist in New Zealand by far, she also does lots of our wedding clients flowers too, and she is exceptionally delightful!

Corporate Staff Imagery

December 23, 2014

Brief: Blueprint Engineering: Consulting Engineers

What I am contacting you about now though is to get a quote to do our team photo for the business.  We are upgrading our web and we want photos that would suit similar to what is on under Team.  We will need image files.

We have 11 staff, with 3 in CHCH… then travel up here occasionally.



Egg Maternity

June 26, 2014

The birth of EGG & pregnancy style down under started in 2000 when Charlotte was pregnant with her first daughter.


“I simply could not find the style of clothes I wanted to wear, so together with my mother,
business woman Colyn Devereux-Kay, we started designing stylish, fashionable and most
importantly comfortable maternity clothes that you can also wear after bambino arrives”.
The majority of our clothing and accessories are proudly made in New Zealand with a great
team of people who have been with EGG since our infancy.
EGG have partnered with the Mental Health Foundation over the past 10 years with different
initiatives to help raise money for awareness in Post Natal Depression and have designed and
produced a brochure for this amazing association. Judi Clements, Chief Executive of the Mental
Health Association says “We are pleased to be in partnership with EGG again on a project that
raises awareness of PND. It’s important that new mums understand they are not alone and
can ask for help if they need it.”


EGG also work with Bellyful who provide meals for families with new-born babies and families
who are struggling with illness.I now have 3 wonderful children to inspire me and we are proud
to have grown EGG into a maternity lifestyle brand loved by women around the globe.May you
nurture your pregnancy journey in style.
Angela Scott has for many years photographed Egg clothing for product and video shoots and is delighted to showcase some of the imagery here.

Nestling Family

June 20, 2014

I totally loved meeting the inspirational mother of 4 and her gorgeous hubby at a recent studio shoot.

We loved photographing the littlies upgrade to the family Ryan, and what a great baby he was, just did what we asked and was ever so happy.

You should have seen the cleaver Kim work him, she is the ” got it downpat- mother” and knows all the signals!

What an incredible family, and all so beautifully dressed.  How does she do it all, and she runs a great business called Nestling!

Do visit her website,, fabulous slings, carriers, vintage yummies for your newborn!

Motherly Love

May 11, 2014

I am viewing all my past work over the 14 year of photographing Aucklanders and am loving finding gems of sweetness, and tender love!  This is a lovely series of images, the closeness and bond of a mother is key to her children’s security and futures.  We know in the Auckland lifestyle that there are many pressures on us and our dearest are often those left out.  Spend time today with your mother- treasure her and tell her how much she means to you.  She will blossom and you will inspire her to keep her smile and her chin high.



May 11, 2014

It is wonderful to know how treasured the work we produce is for our clients.

Angela managed to capture several tender moments in a photo journalistic style between myself, our son and his dad. I found Angela’s consideration to us as clients outstanding.
The shoot was extremely relaxing and Angela left nothing out, she even managed to incorporate some of our favourite art into the shots.
After our shots were chosen and framed, Angela completed the process with a consultation on where and how to place our photographs in our house.
We were thrilled with the results, so when it came time for us to tie the knot officially,
Angela was there! And we happily did it all again!”  Paula and Richard Sigly


Our family unit is strong and our portrait captures our connection with each other. It’s a great reminder of our roots and belonging.
It’s not only a photo but an artpiece which is often commented on by visitors.
It complements our architect designed home and adds warmth to our living area. The ‘shoot’ was loads of fun too,    Julie and Graham


I first admired Angela’s images at The Baby show while pregnant with my second daughter. I knew then and there that when we eventually got around to having family photos taken, we wouldn’t consider
using anyone else. We finally had the shoot when our girls were just over 3 years old and 11 months respectively. Neither my husband or I particularly enjoy having our photos taken but Angela and her team were so very professional, down to earth, friendly and great with children.  Rebecca Salmon


“They were very friendly and managed to take the most amazing shots despite the challenge of an active 11 month old. The shots truly captured Katie’s personality and are more than just photos.
With Angela and her team’s personal touch and attention to detail they each become a work of art.
The whole process of the shoot, the viewing and the framing was very professionally done and we are so pleased we chose Angela Scott Photographers to produce a piece of art that we will treasure forever”.  Jenny Barrow


Hi Angela,

That was the most fun EVER. The feel of you and the your studio is so welcoming and Creative…amazing. I need to make a little snook for Spye now. Thanks so much!

Ta again, Tania.






May 8, 2014

I really was impressed with this family.  The beautiful Jodie just graduated with a Bachelor of Business- a 4 year degree and she was definately glowing- wouldn’t you be if your study was over!

A pleasure meeting you all, and we enjoyed doing the makeup and hair for Jodie’s mum, a beautiful blessing and gift to any mum! Well done Jodie and all the best with your future career.


Kelly Spring and daughter

April 30, 2014

Kelly and her family have been the most amazing clients over the years, I first met Kelly and her mum Pam at St Lukes Shopping Mall, and they both admired my portrait photography and booked me to photograph her upcoming wedding.  Since then there have been many shoots, babies, next babies, toddlers, extended families, kids, sisters kids and families.  Such a nice family, it’s been a treasure and honour of my life to have met these lovely people.


Polynesian Love

April 29, 2014


The beautiful Nancy and John, booked me to capture their love after last years Bride and Groom show, we did Nancy’s makeup and hair which she loved, and felt was a real treat, then we proceeded to Victoria Park for some colourful fun.  What a really lovely and fun-filled couple, all the best guys, and thanks for purchasing a framed 5 series!  You will  treasure it for decades and generations.






Lägg djup samtidigt, släppa loss silhuett ser ut inuti mer förfinad sätt festklänningar.

Eller så kan du prova middag dans klänningar, festklänningar lång smal klänning är elegans etablerad.

Bishop Children

April 28, 2014

Simone and Andrew have the most beautiful and fun filled children, I’ve photographed these children as babies, and toddlers, now as young adults, boy does time fly.

We have really appreciated Simone’s love for colour and photography, and although we know our industry is an investment, no one ever regrets the spend, especially when artpieces last on your wall for decades and generations!




kort stycke. Så skickligt neutral rock mer än en antydan av ganska liten kvinna andetag. Lägg djup samtidigt, släppa loss silhuett ser ut inuti mer förfinad sätt.Eller så kan du prova middag dans klänningar, balklänningar lång smal klänning är elegans etablerad balklänningar. Men för flickor vindjacka föredrar klart mer än den är användbar, men också eftersom det är alltid lätt för temperament extra poäng. Välj rätt balklänningar för sina egna bröllop,


Country Family Fun

April 25, 2014

Angela Scott’s friends, Karen and Oliver Scott at their old Waimauku Farm, I’ve been friends with this family for over 10 years, I first met Karen at Bayfield School where our children were starting year 1. Karen kindly looked after my son Marco while I was working weekends, shooting weddings and portraits, Thank you so much guys, you rock!

I really enjoyed capturing the most beautiful woman I think I’ve ever photographed, stunning Courtney, beautifully made up by our stylist Kenya who did her makeup and hair, we loved the red nails and the fabulous clothing for this shoot, well done guys and we would love to follow you through to your wedding day in the Islands

Simon & Anna

March 20, 2014

Such a lovely Austrian family, I really enjoyed meeting Simon who does our gardening around our studio area, and he was always admiring my imagery, I offered to photograph his wife’s pregnancy, and he was delighted!  Cutest little daughter too, just imagine what the next child will be …



Mis à part les robes longues et traditionnelles, les robes de mariée  ont gagné de plus en plus de popularité parmi les jeunes, car elles vont vous rendre plus brillante et animée en donnant au monde votre ligne de jambes. Bon choix pour une Robe De Mariée

à la plage!Le temps réchauffé fortement à partir du printemps, le jour se rapproche! Comment choisir la robe de la partie. Nous prenons un coup d’oeil.