Brothers and Sisters

Siblings are united, by blood, they grow up together and share the same upbringing, forever there is a story, a connectedness, a bond.
It’s a special connection. And an art-piece on the wall says to them ‘we are special”
Consider buying individual portraits of them framed separately. Then you will be able to gift them to them when they are older. They will really appreciate it.

Hi Angela,
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the photos of my kids are. They are definitely art pieces which will be enjoyed for many years. Which brings to my next point – the price of the pieces. Initially I thought “wow thats expensive for photos….even fantastic ones!”, but on refection they will be on my wall for years and we spend money everyday on frivolous, meaningless things that give us instant gratification. For example I spend about $5a day on coffee, $20 a week for a gym subscription I never use and lets not even talk about how much I spend on clothes I never wear!! When you add all that up you realise that your art pieces are actually very reasonably priced and that their value lasts a lifetime. The kids are only little for such a short time and you have captured this part of their life perfectly. Thank you.
Kind regards,
Sam Stillwell

Hi Angela and team,

I’ve just picked up the beautiful photographs of my two children and just wanted to say a big thank you. You’re team has provided excellent service and photos we love and will treasure forever.

Kind regards

Seemal Govan

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